Seal Air Leaks, Protect Duct Work

Seal Air Leaks, Protect Duct Work

At Galan Brothers, we provide you with spray foam insulation service.

The Benefit of Foam Sealed Attic

Air leaks in the attic are a major cause for loss of conditioned air. Foam creates an air barrier, which blocks the air leaks.

Spray foam installation in the attic also helps in eliminating the dust that enters the house from the attic.

Moreover, a foam sealed attic protects the ducts from extreme heat, keeping the conditioned air cool.

A person spraying foam insulation inside a building

While placing air condition ducts in a hot attic is inexpensive for a builder, it is terrible for comfort and efficiency. Which is why when you add foam insulation to your attic, with that one installation you will be fixing three problems, at a time:

  • Improve Insulation
  • Seal Air Leaks
  • Protect Duct Work
Drywalling the attic

The Ultimate Gain

When your attics are sealed with spray-foam insulation, the temperature in the attic has only 10 degrees deviation from the house temperature.

So, if you too wish to stay cool, and protect your attics, then contact Galan Brothers today!

We also use Owens Corning® Expanding Blown-In PINK® Fiberglas™ Insulation
for exterior walls.